Fabled/Asp is a multi-cultural, multi-media organization; we combine storytelling and filmmaking to document and continue the revolution in queer disability arts, aesthetics, politics and culture. Our mission is to empower disabled lesbians of diverse racial, cultural and age backgrounds to express stories, challenges, accomplishments and lessons of the movement.

We have now collected over 40 stories in four different mediums about disabled lesbian history and culture in the Bay Area, including video-taped oral histories, audio-booth dialogues in collaboration with StoryCorps, art and film pieces, and digital stories.

Dyke March 2010
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We are in the midst of harvesting the rich accomplishments of the past year, and ensuring that these historical resources are available for years to come. We are committed to informing future generations that they have a history to be proud of and access to disabled lesbian and queer role models. To see and hear samples of our work visit the project pages.

40-year retrospective exhibition

Fabled Asp created a 40-year retrospective exhibition to show how very central disabled lesbians have been in the arts, in politics, in the civil rights movements and the fight for social justice. We have created an interactive DVD with the "virtual exhibition." A must-see guide for people in women and gender studies, disability studies, and activists interested in preserving and learning about our disabled queer history.

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dyke march video 2010

Still photo of the of the 2010 Dyke March.

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Fabled ASP logo

The silhouette of three lesbians with disabilities crossing the street on our logo comes from the iconic image by Cathy Cade. To us, it represents the interdependence and support that disabled lesbian culture exemplifies. (Photo adapted by Jagwire Design.)

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