More good news for the Fabled Asp gang!

Hi friends and supporters of Fabled Asp,

We’re writing to share more good news with you about the Fabled Asp team.

Morningstar Vancil-a member of our core group- was nominated to be Grand Marshal of San Francisco Pride in 2012! Yippee!
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And more good news about our founder- Dr. Laura Rifkin. She was named Person of the Week in the Jan 26th issue of the S.F. Bay Times.
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Stay tuned for our upcoming release of the DVD: Celebrating 40 years of Fabulous/Activist Disabled Lesbians: A 40 Year Retrospective. We expect to do a fuller release in this coming year.

And finally a big thank you to all who bought the pre-release of the DVD, and to the GLBT Historical Society and the San Francisco Public Library for nurturing this project.

wishing you all the best,

The Team at Fabled Asp