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Celebrating Fabulous/Activist Bay Area Lesbians with Disabilities: A 40 Year Retrospective, is an invaluable resource for engaging future conversations within academia and social justice organizing and offers a model for preserving the historical legacies of our shared LGBTQ and disabled communities.”              -Jewelle Gomez,

Writer/activist and the author of the double Lambda Award-winning novel,  THE GILDA STORIES from Firebrand Books.

For the past 40 years, San Francisco Bay Area lesbians with disabilities have been at the forefront of political, artistic, and cultural change – yet our stories and accomplishments have been at risk of being lost.

In 2010, we organized a groundbreaking and historic exhibition which chronicled the accomplishments of disabled lesbian activists whose innovations have been largely omitted, obscured or misappropriated within the arts, culture, and social justice movements. “Celebrating Fabulous/Activist Bay Area Lesbians with Disabilities: A 40 Year Retrospective,” which was hosted by the San Francisco Public Library, included digital stories, photography, short films, and ephemera, in order to illustrate the unique narrative of our multi-faceted identities and our history of fighting for social justice and transformation.

We have since digitized the exhibition and are thrilled to make it available for purchase as an interactive DVD! 

With a guided narration by Fabled Asp member and storyteller extraordinaire, Judith Masur, the virtual exhibition of our 40-year retrospective reveals a significant archive of historic and artistic moments and memorabilia, spanning a wide range of different disciplines – including art, music, and dance. Moreover, the virtual exhibition captures the richness of these materials that could not be fully articulated in the exhibition itself with full color photographs, high-resolution videos, and an expansive timeline detailing the last 40 years of disabled lesbian accomplishments within the context of the larger disability civil rights movement.

We are proud to make the DVD available to you today.  Accessibility accommodations include alt tags, transcripts,  descriptive paragraphs, rich narration, some captioning, and some written audio description.  The DVD requires a web browser to view.

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This 40-year retrospective carries into the 21st century a history as diverse as its component parts. The focus on lesbians with disabilities widens our understanding of all movements for civil rights and the anger and joy with which people participate in them. By throwing a bright spotlight on specific women and events via archival material and contemporary remembrances, we are given a lesson in how the past creates the present and an invaluable guide to the intersections of disability, gender, race and sexuality.”  Teya Schaffer, Author, Historian

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40-year retrospective exhibition

Fabled Asp created a 40-year retrospective exhibition to show how very central disabled lesbians have been in the arts, in politics, in the civil rights movements and the fight for social justice. We have created an interactive DVD with the "virtual exhibition." A must-see guide for people in women and gender studies, disability studies, and activists interested in preserving and learning about our disabled queer history.

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dyke march video 2010

Still photo of the of the 2010 Dyke March.

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The silhouette of three lesbians with disabilities crossing the street on our logo comes from the iconic image by Cathy Cade. To us, it represents the interdependence and support that disabled lesbian culture exemplifies. (Photo adapted by Jagwire Design.)

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